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The Champault family estate was founded in the 17th century, but the winemaking process actually started in the mid 19th century, around 1850. François Champault was the first wine maker and was succeeded by his son Stanislas in 1900 when wine making at the family estate really started to take off.

After phylloxera caused the destruction of the vineyard, Louis Champault, called Louison, took over the winery, which at that time totaled 2 hectares and he bought his first straddle tractor. The family run winery then started to grow. Roger Champault, his son, continued with the family business until his sons Claude and Laurent, took over the winery in 1996. Modernisation started to take place with the introduction of thermoregulated stainless steel tanks into the cave along with modern wine presses, helping to make the whole viticulture process more efficient and current.

The winery as it exists today is situated in the small hamlet of Champtin near the village of Crézancy-en-Sancerre, 8 km south of the town of Sancerre. Vines are planted on steep slopes with the famous terroir of the Sancerre region. The winery has accumulated 22 hectares with Claude and Laurent at the helm of this beautiful estate, they welcome you to discover the delightful wines they are so proud of.

The coat of arms

This originates from François Perreau, lord of Champtin who owned the prestigious Dove Cote building in the 16th century, Fully restored, it is used today as our tasting room.